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Characteristics of GW skills

There is no normal attack in the game. All attacks are relying on the skills to complete. All the skills don't need the so-called magic consumes, only need cooling time in addition to the thieves' functional energy. You can refer to the thematic of thieves’ description. More powerful and stronger skills' cooling time is longer. There are no magic costs but only the opportunity cost for casting Guild Wars 2 gold skills. You don't need to calculate the magic consumes, the only thing you have to consider is how to make one skill more effective, cast now or later?

Different occupations have their own combos in the game. Every skill animation was added animation hybrid system so all skills can be cast one after another smoothly, without the need of waiting for the end of the dynamic animation.

About targeting methods, Guild Wars 2 chooses a judge between locking and non-locking battle. You do not have to select a target when you use a skill. It will hit all enemies within the applicable range instead of a single specific target like Guild Wars 2 gold action games. Therefore, you can anticipate enemy's actions and cast skills in advance.

One of Ranger's Longbow skills makes a more serious damage to further enemies. Another skill can repel the closer enemy for a longer distance. Engineer rifle skills can make the closer enemy lose more blood, or flamethrower cause more serious damage to the closer enemy.

Some skills rely on some other factors to increase the attack power. Such as each weapons of a warrior have a distinct outbreak skills which need his adrenaline accumulated at the time of the attack. The adrenaline is divided into three Guild Wars 2 gold levels, the higher the level is, the larger attack force or more negative effect it will cause.

Additionally there is a skill called Charge skill. Players need to hold down the skill key. Press longer will release more muscular energy. Of course, time is limited for pressing the skill key.

Another thieves' dagger skill called spy heart whose attack force was divided in three levels: enemy's blood in more than 66% is the first stage, 66~33% for the second level, below 33% for the third stage. The less blood, the more Guild Wars 2 gold pungent it is, just like warriors' rifle skills.

Guardian has a sword skill called faithful strike, sprinting to the enemy and blowing him. If the enemy was hit, it will bring the gift of sustained blood supplement for nearby allies.

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