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The Game World of Guild Wars 2

When someone refers “Guild Wars 2” now, they are referring to the entire game world that spans across the chapters. The original release is usually called simply Prophecies, the next Factions, and the most recent Nightfall. Sometimes they are also referred to as chapter one, two, and three (C1, C2, and C3) respectively.

Much like the original Star Wars can be found in a variety of editions the chapters of Guild Wars 2 have multiple editions. The first chapter, Prophecies, can be found in boxes that read “Guild Wars 2”, “Guild Wars 2 gold: Collectors Edition”, “Guild Wars 2: Game of the Year Edition”, and so forth—but they are all the same chapter, with only minor differences between them.

When you purchase your first Guild Wars 2 game, you will create a gaming account tied to an email address (or a PlayNC.com account) and a password. GUILD WARS GOLD.As you purchase additional chapters of Guild Wars 2 Gold, you can add the content of those chapters to your current account.

In general, a chapter opens a new continent in the game world of Guild Wars. Each chapter is entirely separate, using its own map and having its own storyline and quests. A character is created on one of these continents and, after a certain point in that continents storyline, is able to travel to the other continents to play through those storylines (assuming those chapters have been added to the account).

In addition, Guild Wars 2 Gold uses a system of skill sets, which has been likened to the card game Magic: The Gathering. There are roughly 240 “core” skills that appear in every chapter, but there are many more that can only be obtained by playing in one chapter continent or another. Guild Wars 2 GOLD.Any Elementalist can learn the spell Fireball, for example. However, only players who own Prophecies have access to the spell Chain Lightning, while Factions owners have access to the spell Lightning Professions

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