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GW 2 Gold-Guild Wars 2 Black Lion Chests Add New Content
After the release of Wintersday update of Guild Wars 2 last month, the team set out to improve the value of Black Lion Chests. Now every Black Lion Chest contains a Black Lion Statuette, and when unlocking Black Lion Chests, players might find an adorable baby griffon.

The adorable baby griffon are a little small for riding, but even young griffons are strong enough to lift objects and creatures that are many times their own weight.

If players click on a Black Lion Statuette, it will open a vendor window where you can redeem the item for Black Lion Trading Company goods such as Total Makeover Kits, home instance gathering nodes, a selection of skins, and much more.

Meanwhile, players can now use unidentified dyes and the power of the Mystic Forge to collect a whole litter of pups in a variety of colors.

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