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Path of Exile 3.1 blood ice thorn mines, cheap END GAME.

This brings BD blood glacier penetrating radar. The stings of the glacier are getting more and more hot in the recent patch, and this season has become a lot of BD.

The reason is very simple, because this version of the map of the battle field, plastic equipment will produce a new affixes, to have the same physical damage XX% elemental damage affixes, the affix can appear in weapons, necklaces and other positions. The spines of the glacier can be added to the affix as a technique for a physical base injury. The affix is equal to is a MORE more damage than those who increased increse damage to more awesome.
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And the sting of the glacier and the landmines are very good, and the opening is very smooth and easy, and then the opening map to the END GAME is also very simple.

The previous glacial prickly landmines are all back to blue MOM, and this type of glacial prickly landmine, BD, faces a blue problem. Because the auxiliary jewels of landmines are large consumers of blue consumption, resulting in the consumption of the mines of the glaciers is very blue, and the 3.1 version has just cut the blue dot after MOM, making this version of the blue before so easy to pile up.

So, here recommend a cheaper and more relaxed ice thorn BD mine, which is blood glacier penetrating radar.

The core equipment, this equipment with 2L blood, blood magic and additional chaos damage, after six hole is equivalent to the 8L mine.

Use blood magic to put the mine on, and then take a few seconds back. And some of the equipment can easily get a high second, and the equipment is very cheap in the national clothing 1C can be bought. For example, Faure's visionary helmet, oak shield, blood, and so on.

Faure helmet, can get 100 seconds back, we do not have any equipment to corruption, so second and 12% life is very good.

The oak shield needs to take the new emblem and upgrade with the prediction of natural resistance. The new emblem has 3% seconds to go back. After upgrading, it will get 100~150 life, which is very useful for supporting blood volume. It is also good to be shortened by freezing duration by 50%, because the BD has no good immunization for freezing and ice. Both the shield and the prophecy are cheap

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Path of Exile 3.1 blood ice thorn mines, cheap END GAME.
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