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Madden NFL 18 UPDATE: January Patch Notes for PS4 and Xbox One

EA Sports has released a brand new update for Madden NFL 18 which is available now on PS4 and Xbox One.

You can check out the patch notes underneath the gallery, but be warned it's pretty short.

However, although this new update might look like it's pretty small, it does contain some rather notable changes to the game.

For instance, it fixes an ongoing issue where AI-controlled running backs would move too slowly or fail to perform special moves.

In addition, the patch seems to indicate that an in game exploit, which previously would allow players to force kick-returners to run out of bounds inside their own five-yard line.

Likewise, Gamespot has also highlighted that the new update "substantially reduces how often you'll get faked out on defence with a player-controller defender when trying to defend a ball carrier who is performing a special move."

As such, with an AI-controlled defender, the number of fake-outs in the same situation should see a "slight" reduction.

Finally, in the same blog post, the developer revealed that it was aware that players want more control when clicked-on to a defender in pursuit. In response, EA has said they are working on this, for both user-controlled and AI-controlled defender.

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