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MLS followed by NBA and NFL, the Sports Union occupation layout gaming unabated

In the background of gaming increasingly popular, the traditional occupation sports also want to share.In Europe, the occupation football club Paris St Germain, Schalke 04, Rome, Valencia, Lisbon as the representative of the athletics have set up their own gaming clan.Moreover, they didn't place their eyes on the FIFA team, and Shaker 04 set up the League of heroes, even at the expense of buying the European Championship in the League of Champions League (LCS).

Americans seem to have a deeper emotional foundation for gaming, gaming and rich natural soil is the most important prerequisite.The major occupation Sports League will not gaming turned a deaf ear, after all this is the most popular among young people in areas of concern, and the younger is almost every major league uniform slogan.

双语对照  The United States occupation Sports League gaming embrace is not what happens after all, both in many cases there are still a lot of intersection. NBA in the union, more than half of the teams are organized gaming clan, which is also the birth of 2K eSports League to create conditions. The NBA alliance, the team and the company produced NBA 2K Take-Two can each one takes what he needs in this tournament, the NBA has become the first to enter the gaming areas of the United States occupation sports league.

This year, NBA 2K League will expose the true capacity, the initial number of teams would be only 8 to 12, but according to NBA's long-term plan, all 30 teams have joined the League to be in the future. NBA 2K can create a copy of the League NBA, every team is composed of unknown occupation game player, but the league has been divided into the regular season, playoffs and finals.

Of course, as an occupation of the alliance, the development of NBA gaming leagues also reflects the will of all investors. Miami, Milwaukee, Memphis, Miami bucks and Dallas Grizzlies alone team boss all the action in the gaming field, for the full NBA 2K gene Fu Basketball League also naturally applauded.

NFL also copy the NBA routine launched a program called Madden NFL club championship tournament, not surprisingly, fans or eSports fans next month will be able to feel the charm of the event. Actually, there is not much difference between the Madden NFL club tournament and the NBA 2K tournament from the specific tournament settings. All the 32 professional teams have been restored to the maximum, and all the NFL teams will be involved.

The event will be part of Madden 18 Championship Series (MCS) and it is reported that the total bonus can reach $403 thousand. MCS is a NFL themed gaming series produced by EA company, is mainly composed of three parts, NFL Club Championship is the latest creation, the other two events are NFL classic and NFL challenge, the new season of the tournament total prize money of $1 million 153 thousand.

Roger, President of NFL, said in the statement that E-sports is one of the most exciting ways to attract young audiences. People like this are generally more interested in digital technology, and professional sports league should pay close attention to this. EA has always regarded NFL as the focus of development, and the Madden NFL club tournament has provided new opportunities for capturing the passion of the NFL arena, and fans want to take part in it. Different from the EA launched its own classic and the challenge, NFL Club Championship is the history of occupation Sports League gaming layout since the biggest action.

MLB and NHL two are also no action in the field of gaming, MLS is unable to turn overtaking. Indeed, football and gaming on the existence of natural contact, a European gaming craze was also the Atlantic's wind blown to the North American continent. MLS is always questioned in the American professional sports system. In fact, the football industry in the United States is on the rise. The awareness of soccer has also been promoted to a certain extent. The first thing MLS wants to do in the United States is to do the fans' article.

Recently, MLS officially announced that it will enter the field of gaming, EA company's "FIFA" game based on MLS and EA to build a new football gaming League -eMLS. Start eMLS will be held at the Boston Convention Center in April this year, the game culture festival "PAX East", this event is also known as the "FIFA 18" World Series qualifying tournament, the winner has the opportunity to participate in the FIFA new gaming world cup, the tournament will be held in August.

The president and director of Business Ventures MLS general manager Gary Stevenson (Gary Stevenson) said: "this is an important part of our cooperation with the sponsors of EA company, the purpose is to promote the depth of contact and connection between the MLS and the world's millions of supporters of" FIFA "of the game player." It is reported that in the existing 23 MLS clubs, 19 have agreed to join eMLS, and four clubs have not yet made decisions. They are Atlanta Union, Washington Union, Royal Salt Lake City and Losangeles FC of the new alliance.

The MLS club can recruit players from the United States and Canada to participate in eMLS. It is reported that clubs like New York have signed a number of professional "players". For more details about eMLS and the staff of each team will be announced in the next few weeks.

MLS is also in response to eMLS FIFA "eSports World Cup" appeal, if through this channel can help to the promotion and development of American occupation football, is a highly cost-effective way. When FIFA are beginning to realize the importance of gaming, also should follow the natural occupation alliance. Although the American gaming industry in the world's leading, but specific to the football gaming level, the United States would lag behind many than in europe.

Electronic Sports League based in Cologne (ESL) in recent years has flourished under the banner of the "FIFA" event has become the top game player's paradise, FIFA eSports World Cup after the start of the European game player's reaction is the warmest. Plus the European occupation football club to catalytic effect on soil cultivation, also hope to take the opportunity to develop a football gaming, after all "Heroes union" manufacturing gaming craze has the young audience to any one occupation in the teeth of the storm, the traditional sports participants will not be moved.

The demand for MLS is more urgent. Just because American football than basketball or football, in the middle layer of fans group competition, doomed to defeat MLS. Fortunately, more and more young fans became interested in football, American investment and strategy to solve the company Magna research data show that the American football TV audience age composition is the youngest major sports league, even if the university sports included as well.

Americans will also pay attention to the world cup, but more attention will be focused on the American team. But the electronic sports world will be completely different, some people may have to watch the football game the interest is not thick, but provides the opportunity to experience football gaming is, between the two is interconnected, the level of the problem does not exist.

This year may be the best time for eMLS development, because it is just in time for the world cup, but the US team has no chance to participate in this tournament. Fans may wish to experience the happiness of the world cup in the virtual world, which is a pity for us.

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