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Path of exile graphic evaluation: dark journey

A Wahl, Claes was known as the island of death place as the background of the dark fantasy online action game, the kinds of goods, has a huge role to develop, PvP athletics, as well as the competition ladder full online game.

[game introduction]

Path of Exile is a RPG game developed by Grinding Gear Games, a New Zealand developer. In March 25, 2016, Tencent game officially announced the agency of the game, and it began the first test of the national costume in May 2016.

"Path of Exile" is a dark fantasy style online action game based on Wahl crass mainland, known as the island of death. The road to exile is a building in the huge item type, role to develop, PvP athletics, as well as the competition ladder full online game.


Similar to Diablo style gameplay of the path of exile the 3 version of a beta, agent in China, and the establishment of a national service, is a very good news for the domestic game player, for a multiplayer game, the network is one of the important factors of the game, the the road to exile agent at home, presumably to reduce network problems to a large extent, improve the game player game experience, which for the game and game player, is a very important point.

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Path of exile graphic evaluation: dark journey
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