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After 8, you can play Warcraft in World of Warcraft

Why does Blizzard do not do "Warcraft 4"?

I believe that every Blizzard fan has such doubts: is it because World of Warcraft is too successful, so Warcraft 4 can never see it?

From the recent World of Warcraft version of the update, in fact, we want the "Warcraft 4" in the inside of the inside of the World of Warcraft 8.

1 key points: the plot return to the Warcraft campaign and continue the story line buried in the same year

We look forward to Warcraft 4, not only the battle plot and the RTS instant strategy for two pieces. In the plot, the latest versions of World of Warcraft have become more and more regress and hail the shadow of Warcraft.

In the last version of the Legion came in, there was an important story of the tomb of Sargeras in Warcraft 3 player.

Also in the game player that year saw the tomb, Warcraft 3 plot naisha Huntress sacrifice in Sa's tomb, her spirits became the elite strange wandering in the copy.

Starting from the tomb of Ai Ze Lars, the story of World of Warcraft began to cling to the story line that Warcraft has continued. In the 8 competition, another place named Warcraft, a familiar place by Warcraft players, is also an important stage.

Kul Te Lars, for the first time, we know this place, it should be in the battle of the Warcraft 3. We control the SAL and Rexxar, leads the orcs from Kul Te Lars defeated admiral Day Lynn Proudmoore (Jaina's father).

But after the Warcraft 3, Kul Te Lars, the sea Kingdom, has been in a state of "only the name of it, without its trace".

Every time a new version of WOW is made, everyone is guessing whether kurtyre will appear or not. Until now 8, the Blizzard has finally decided to put the story line buried in the Warcraft 3, and continue to speak.

The 8 theme returned to the Warcraft main line - the alliance and the tribal war, and Kul Te Lars will certainly become an important plot. As the kingdom of the sea, the kuratus Navy is very powerful and plays an important role in the battle with the tribes.

At the same time, speaking of Kul Te Lars, Jaina must be mentioned. She also expects this version to be an important actor.

Key point 2: the new game front for hegemony lets you play Warcraft in World of Warcraft

The plot continued Warcraft, and in the game 8 also joined a very RTS model - the battle line for hegemony.

Fighting for hegemony is like playing Warcraft in World of Warcraft. 20 full level game player participation, work together to build a base, barracks, or technology, then goes out to fight.

Players in the game, like Warcraft, take the resources first, then build the building.

Each player can build a building that he wants to build on the air. Like Warcraft, many players can build the same building to speed up.

The building in the battle line for hegemony comes from Warcraft. For example, the people's barracks of the above picture can produce infantry, Musketeers, and knights, which is a copy of the War3's setting.

There is also the equipment appearance of the battlefront, which greatly reduces the shape of Warcraft's arms. The most obvious is the appearance of tribal warriors, which is exactly the same as the War3 beast troop.

Instead of taking control of the whole world through God's perspective, the player incarnated a team commander and threw himself into the battle.

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