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Ronaldinho FIFA 18 fantasy line-up exposure, ten years again with Messi to be a teammate
This year January officially announced his retirement in Brazil star Ronaldinho shortly before the sun out of their FIFA 18 in a dream team, from the squad list can see Ronaldinho to his former team very seriously, and the manner in which he missed once together and fighting shoulder club teammates.

Ronaldinho FIFA 18 in the starting lineup, including himself, there are 5 players from Brazil, they are the Brazil legend Diego Bailey, Paris Saint Germain captain Tiago - Silva, just on loan to join Inter rafinha and played for the Mexico League Tiago Volpi january. From the club level, Ronaldo is more likely to use the players of the Barcelona team that he once played. Suarez and Semedo became the first striker and the right guard of Ronaldinho's mind respectively.

But once their "with a big brother" Messi is after a lapse of ten years, to become his team-mates again, alongside. It can be seen that Ronaldo is fond of Messi in the bottom of his heart.

In addition, AC Milan's Ricardo Rodrigues and Bonaventura Ronaldinho also entered the starting lineup, and was placed in their own behind Ronaldinho, he formed a fantastic team on the left. Maldini and his wife, the two former Milan defender has become a central defensive partner.

It is worth mentioning that Donnarumma, a talented goalkeeper in Milan, also has a place in Ronaldinho's substitute squad. Ronaldinho seems to be very concerned about the football player.
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